Town of Troy Reservoir Dam Removal

Funding Provided By: the US Fish and Wildlife Service in the amount of $212,000.

The Piedmont Conservation Council (PCC) is partnering with US Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) and the Town of Troy to remove the Troy Town Reservoir Dam #1 (MONTG-022) in Montgomery County, NC. The ultimate goal of this effort is to fully remove the dam to allow restoration of the creek to free-flowing conditions, preserving significant state endangered and rare endemic mussel species, benefiting aquatic life passage, and the restoration of aquatic habitat within the Denson’s Creek and Little River watersheds.

The owner, Town of Troy, has committed to this dam removal project and will be involved throughout the process. This concrete dam, according to the State of North Carolina dam inventory, is 18ft. in height with a 200 ft. crest and a 57 acre-ft. impoundment.