Person County Natural Habitat Corridor Study

Funded through a Partners for Green Growth Grant ($10,000)

The Person County Partners for Green Growth project took the first step in creating a protected natural habitat corridor extending from downtown Roxboro to downtown Durham. The final delierables included:

  • Updating the inventory of the corridor’s natural resources in Person County, including species of greatest conservation need and natural communities as identified in the NC Wildlife Action Plan, significant natural features, flora, and scenic areas.
  • Hosted 4 public meetings to educate the public on the importance of wildlife corridors
  • Created an interactive web map that outlines the area to be proposed as a natural habitat corridor
  • Drafted a guidance document based on the Green Growth Toolbox, inventory work, staff research, and public input that directs future development in a way that conserves the identified species of greatest conservation need, natural communities, and the proposed natural habitat corridor

The natural habitat corridor would preserve priority wetlands, floodplain forests, and aquatic habitat in the Flat River. Additionally, the community sees this corridor as an opportunity to provide an alternate transportation route between Person County and Durham County, green space for passive recreation, environmental education, increased connectivity between the urban and rural areas of the county, and to promote businesses and farms alongside the corridor.

Natural habitat corridor along the Flat River.