Natural Resource Planning in Pittsboro

Funding Provided By: NC Forestry Service Urban & Community Forestry Program ($27,400.00)

Piedmont Conservation Council is working to implement portions of the Chatham County Comprehensive Conservation Plan in Pittsboro, NC. Read more about the Chatham County Comprehensive Conservation Plan. This project was funded through the NC Forestry Service’s Urban & Community Forestry (U&CF) Grant Program in 2013. The goal of the U&CF Program is to develop, enhance, and support sustainable urban and community forestry programs throughout NC by encouraging citizen and community involvement.

This is a two year project that began on October 1, 2013. PCC has contracted with Biocenosis, LLC to implement the project, with PCC providing grant administration services. Biocenosis, LLC. will be performing the following tasks:

  1. Create a local-scale GIS database to prioritize natural resources;
  2. Educate the local community and encourage stakeholder participation;
  3. Coordinate with project partners and Town staff;
  4. Finalize the documentation process as a case-study.

Task 1 will include a standalone GIS database of relevant layers, conservation ranking and analysis of biodiversity and wildlife habitat at a municipal level, and mapping to prioritize forestland, farmland, wildlife habitat, and any potential connectivity. A public forum website and a series of at least two public meetings in Pittsboro will be held through this project as part ot Task 2. Final documentation will include any GIS layers developed through the project which will be incorporated on the County Online Mapper and accessible by the general public.