Hillsborough Public Works Relocation & Eno River Restoration

Funded through a National Fish & Wildlife Foundation Grant ($49,981.50)

PCC in partnership with 4 other partners (Town of Hillsborough, Elon University Dpt of Environmental Studies, Eno River Association & Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District) removed the old fleet maintenance located in the flood plain on The Town of Hillsborough’s Public Works site alongside the Eno River. The project eliminated a potential pollution harzard and reduced nutrient runoff from impervious surfaces. The restoration of the area also helped the Town to meet a portion of its Falls Lake Stage 1 nutrient reduction requirements. PCC and its partners used volunteers to assist with the restoration of the area through removing invasive plant species and planting native trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennals.

Volunteers removing invasive species and planting native plants.