Past Projects

Below is a listing of other projects completed by PCC since 2007. Many more projects have been completed since PCC’s inception in 1968.

  • Alamance County 303(d) Impaired Waters/TMDL - provided technical assistance
  • Austin Quarter - conducted a preliminary feasibility study for largest contiguous property on Upper Haw.
  • Clean Energy Durham NE Central Neighborhood Project
  • Community Gardens in Asheboro and Greensboro
  • Initiation of the Dan River Coalition
  • Deep River Rails to Trails
  • Duke University Carbon Offsets Project
  • F.O.G. to fuel (Fats Oil Gas) to create jobs in Asheboro, NC
  • Graham Milk Processing Plant
  • Landfill Gas Workshop - investigated feasibility and need.
  • Methane Gas/Energy Feasibility Study on Kings Mill Dairy Farm
  • Trees NC, planting trees in Asheboro’s poorest neighborhoods.
  • YES! Eastside, Youth Environmental Service Program with Asheboro Boys and Girls Club.