Loves Creek Watershed Restoration and Protection Plan

Funded by the NC Land and Water Fund ($75,000).

PCC received funding to create a Watershed Restoration Plan for Loves Creek that will address the 9-key elements recommended by the EPA. The goal of the plan is to recommend projects that if implemented will remove Loves Creek from the State’s 303(d) list of impaired waters. The plan will also include a watershed inventory of existing and needed data to characterize the watershed as well as a history of the work and partnership-building that has been accomplished by the Loves Creek Watershed Stewards. The plan will:

  • Identify causes of impairment and pollution sources.
  • Estimate of the load reductions expected for the management measures.
  • Describe management measures and targeted critical (problematic) areas.
  • Estimate technical and financial assistance needed.
  • Develop information and education component.
  • Develop a project schedule.
  • Identify indicators to measure progress.
Map of watershed planning area.