Good Hope Farm at the Historic AM Howard Farm Site

Piedmont Conservation Council is excited to offer farmers the opportunity to initiate or expand their production in Cary, NC. Through a license agreement, farmers may lease .5 to 2 acres of land from PCC at the historic AM Howard Farm site.

Master plan for AM Howard / Good Hope Farm.

The $1500/acre/year rent includes:

  • shared and personal storage
  • high tunnels
  • GAP certifiable washing/packing stations
  • tools and equipment, including tractors. 
  • potable irrigation water from Town of Cary
  • individually metered/valved half acre plots
  • deer fencing and access roads
  • bathrooms and parking lots

Provisions have been made to allow for on-site sales and the Western Wake Farmer’s Market is located less than 1 mile from the farm. This is a rapidly developing area and the market for organic, fresh produce is in proven demand. Piedmont Conservation Council wishes to leverage this location to the benefit of farmers while conserving soil, water and agricultural resources in our region. The farmsite is in the Carpenter National Register of Historic Places, with 19th and early 20th century structures, some of which remain beautiful and functional. 

Working closely with county Soil and Water Conservation Districts as well as Extension Offices, the property will be managed as a flagship for soil health and wildlife/pollinator habitat. Sustainable and organic practices will be a requirement for farmers. Offering administrative assistance to farmers is a PCC goal, but farmers will retain full independence of their farming business. Support and funding have been provided by the Town of Cary, Conservation Trust for North Carolina, The Conservation Fund and North Carolina Community Development Initiative.

Please feel free to contact the farm manager, Thomas Saile, with additional questions at **Applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis. **