Park Shopping Center Boling Lane Creek Restoration Study

Funded through the NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund ($101,219) with matching support from Siler City ($45,000)

Boling Lane Creek is currently piped under several paved and gravel parking lots in Siler City’s Park Shopping Center. Considering the combined need and desire to address the water quality issues within the overall Loves Creek watershed, PCC along with the Town of Siler City, Biocenosis LLC, and NC State University were awarded funding to conduct a detailed study of potential improvements and/or restoration methodologies to be applied to the creek in order to improve water quality and habitat with the ultimate goal of removing Loves Creek from the impaired waters list.

This planning project will research and recommend restoration alternatives for restoring water quality in Boling Lane Creek tributary as it is a headwater stream to Loves Creek and the Rocky River. Determinations will be made based on supporting data on how to best approach water quality improvements balanced with economic and recreational opportunities. Possible restoration and improvement scenarios include stream daylighting, stream restoration, wetland enhancement, and stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs), among others. Without sound data, however, a stream improvement project is ill-advised. The project team will collect critical data and develop a restoration plan for Boling Lane Creek based on these data.