How You Can Help

The projects that we work on are community-based, and as such we need community support to make them happen. There are several ways you can get involved.

Be a Member

Our Council is always looking for representatives from our area counties to bring expertise, experience, and ideas. Our board members are empowered to make tangible differences in their communities and guide the direction of PCC. Interested? Check our roster for vacancies, come to a meeting, or contact us for more information.

Board Member Application

PCC was supported by federal funding since its inception in 1968, until Congress cut the RC&D program from the federal budget in April 2011. Their support provided one full-time coordinator who collaborated with other area stakeholders to find new projects, secured grant funding, and managed the projects. The grants managed by PCC include a 10% administrative overhead to support a part-time administrative position, but there is no funding for a full-time coordinator – a position that PCC desperately needs filled to continue the great work it has been doing for over four decades. Your donation helps keep us going.


Congress cut the funding for the RC&D program in April of 2011, which affected PCC, as well as nine other RC&D councils within North Carolina, and 374 RC&D councils across the nation. The RC&D program is a unique way for government funding to make a difference within communities, because it allows the community to determine what it needs and how to use funding and local resources to make things happen. In the fiscal year 2008, RC&D projects created 802 businesses and 5,209 jobs, conserved 1.3 million acres of lakes and water bodies, improved 2.42 million acres of wildlife habitat, and brought new skills to 932,000 people, serving a total of 21.1 million citizens nationwide – you may have been one of them whether you know it or not. The RC&D program is important, and it affects more than just PCC and its eight area counties. Write a letter to your congressman, your state senator and representatives, and your local government officials. Advocate for us, because each voice helps.

Provide Services

Are you an expert or consultant in GIS, farmland preservation, innovative environmental engineering or technology, grant-writing, or any other subject in which PCC is involved? If you’d like to work with us on future projects by providing specialized services, please contact us.

Suggest a Project

Is there a project in your community that will improve the natural environment, create jobs, preserve farmland, or boost tourism? Take a look at our Current and Past projects for inspiration. Contact us. Together, we can make it happen.